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The Comenius Regio Program is addressed to the units of local governments that include municipalities, counties
and provinces as well as boards of education in cooperation with at least one school entitled to be taking part
The Comenius Program, and at least one institution – organization operating in a given region in the field of education (e.g. youth clubs, sports clubs, parents’ societies, local teacher training establishments, companies, museums).

Partnership consists of two consortiums (containing a unit of local government or a board of education, a school
and some other institution) from two countries that take part in the “Lifelong Learning Program”, one of them
must be a member of the European Union.

The basic forms of activity in the program include:

  • workshop meetings of all the partners in the project
  • exchanging workers involved in school education
  • research, case studies
  • job shadowing
  • the exchange of experience and best practices
  • peer learning
  • conferences, seminars and workshops
  • summer schools
  • information campaigns
  • publication and popularization of materials
  • linguistic preparation of the staff involved in the project
  • self-evaluation
  • popularization of project results

Details concerning the program and the ways of its implementation can be found at the webpage of  Foundation
for the Development of the Education System (Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji).